Welcome to my Food Journal

Note that all of the opinions expressed are just that – opinions. It is what I believe about health and nutrition at this time, and is bound to change in the future. Make sure you do your own research at reputable websites and do not take anything I write as a literal truth.

March 16th, 2015: Started using this site again, ths time to track frozen dinners. For those that don’t like cooking, frozen dinners are an option for getting some variety and quick meals for home or the office.


The biggest problem with frozen dinners, and almost any prepared food (sauces, canned soup, restaurant food) is the high sodium content. Ideally, we would consume about 1mg of sodium for each kiloCalorie of food. The ideal range of sodium intake for people is between 1200mg and 2300mg. Percentages on nutrition labels seem to be based on 2400mg per day. Yet I’ve noticed since I’ve been tracking my nutrition that my average is somewhere between 2500mg and 3000mg, sometimes going as high as 3800mg. Movie nights are bad as I love movie popcorn and it’s loaded wth salt.

The Rating System

I don’t have a formal system for rating food, but I may develop one. For each dish I record the basic stats and then give my opinion on the flavour and how filling it is. Subjectively, most dishes will get a rating of “Good” for Flavour and my favourites will get a “Really Good”.

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